Dr. Susan Love’s new breast cancer study

Most women know someone who has breast cancer now or who has dealt with it in the past.  It is a disease that goes right to the core of being a woman.  Dr. Susan Love, a renowned surgeon and breast cancer researcher, is offering a way for women and men to help defeat this cancer with the introduction of the Health of Women or HOW Study.

The HOW Study is a long-term, international study of both women and men, with or without a history of breast cancer.  The study will be conducted online. Yes, online.  This makes participation convenient and easy.  Once enrolled in the study, participants will receive questionnaires every three to four months.  Because the cause of breast cancer is unknown, questions will cover all sorts of topics that could relate to cancer, including health, work, family history, eating habits, and other lifestyle details.

By collecting information with these questionnaires, researchers will be gathering a tremendous amount of data.  This data, in turn, may show an association between cancer and certain behaviors.  If so, researchers can zero in on those factors with future, detailed clinical trials that can tell us how cancer starts or how we can prevent it from ever occurring at all.

By the way, the researchers are giving participants the opportunity to suggest areas to study.  So if you have an idea of what may lead to breast cancer, send it in as a detail that needs investigating.  What a novel approach.

The Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation in cooperation with the City of Hope Comprehensive Cancer Center will conduct the HOW Study.  Dr. Love’s foundation is also behind the Army of Women campaign that continues to recruit women to participate in breast cancer research.  With support from the Avon Foundation for Women, Dr. Love hopes to recruit one million women to register as possible study participants for research studies.  So if the HOW Study is not a good fit for you, register with the Army of Women.  A future study may be just right.

As Dr. Love is quoted on the Army of Women site, “The key to ending breast cancer is to learn how to stop it before it starts.”  Join the cause today to help rid the world of breast cancer.  We can do this.

For additional information about Dr. Love’s breast cancer research, visit Act with Love, or check out Facebook and Twitter.


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