More on the couch potato gene

For those pursuing more information on the couch potato gene, I am definitely not an expert in genetics.  But there are numerous articles on the gene or gene group thought to influence one’s willingness and/or ability to exercise.  The research involves human, animal, and even fruit fly studies. (Just thinking about fruit flies brings back horrible memories of high school biology classes and looking for red eye mutations, but I digress.)

The articles below suggest that our genes code for the production of certain chemicals called enzymes, important proteins that help reactions in our bodies to occur.  If a gene is slightly different in one person compared to another, then the proteins can be different and produce different results.  Red hair instead of blond or tall stature instead of short, for example.

At this point, studies are being done to see if humans have similar exercise challenges as found in animal models and if these are due to variations in our genes.

View the links below for more information.  If further motivated, look for original research on sites like PubMed and Medscape.–dont.html#ixzz1cP5PB1O





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