Migraines revisited

Some posts ago, I shared that I get migraines, and that I was keeping a food journal to see if what I ate affected my head.  After two months of recording everything that I put into my mouth, I now have plenty of data to study.  So far, nothing jumps out at me.  The foods that I eat around the time a migraine starts do not differ from those I eat when I am free of pain.

Of course, this conclusion is drawn from what I gathered on the “macro” foods I eat such as meat, carbs, fruits, veggies, and fat.  The next step is to see if any herbs, spices, flavorings, additives, etc., could be a trigger for the migraines. More study is called for.

Another activity that I have begun in an effort to reduce the number of migraines is daily meditation.  For at least 20 minutes each day I practice meditating according to the methods offered in the books by Herbert Benson. The Relaxation Revolution is particularly helpful and details research done specifically on migraine sufferers.   My migraines, although not gone, are not as painful as before meditating.

I do not like the available medications.  Some make me sicker than the migraine.  Yay for ice packs that work without side effects!

So the journey continues.

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