Every day that I delay…..

is one day less to get started. This is paraphrasing a quote from mixed media artist Kent Youngstrom. Actually, he says it better than I: “Everyday you wait is a day you won’t get back.”

That is a sobering thought. And the words hit home in so many ways. How often have we said to ourselves and others:

I will start walking tomorrow.

I will get back to my strength training next week.

I will start eating better as soon as I find the right diet book.

I will start meditating after I finish this stressful project at work.

I will get a physical as soon as I have time.

I will work on my blog tomorrow. (This is for me!)

A good visual reminder about the passage of time would be two glass jars of similar size, one filled with 365 marbles (or other item) and the second jar left empty. Label the filled jar “days available” and the empty jar “days lost.” As each day goes by, transfer a marble from the filled jar to the empty one.

What is it that you are putting off until tomorrow?

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