Healthy Super Bowl Eats

Is everyone ready for Super Bowl 50 when the Broncos battle the Panthers? No? Fortunately, there still is time to get menus in order. After all, what is a football gathering without food?

And the good news is that folks can still enjoy some of their favorites while adding nutritious options to their plates.

If appetizers are the fare, remember that many small bites can add up to big calories. Choose wisely, maybe concentrating on those foods that you don’t usually eat. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

  • Avocados are popular now due to their healthy monounsaturated fat content.  These make a great dip or spread. Cooking Light  has some tasty suggestions for making any kind of guacamole that you desire.
  • Homemade party dips made with sour cream or salad dressings are often served at football parties.  For extra flavor and crunch add minced green onions, finely diced water chestnuts, or sweet peppers.
  • An easy cracker spread can be made with a square of cream cheese topped with a favorite jam or jelly.
  • Low fat bean spreads are another option and are great whether combined with several ingredients or with mashed beans simply topped with layers of low fat shredded cheese and salsa.
  • Don’t forget about hummus!  Either with raw veggies or pita bread and chips, this is a yummy offering.
  • Of course, the reliable fruit and vegetable trays are easy to prepare and offer healthy variety.
  • Want something hot? How about Cheesy Chicken Enchiladas? Or, Sloppy Joes.
  • Speaking of hot, chili is a favorite for many and can be made healthier with ground round, ground lean turkey, or chicken, or by making a vegetarian variety with additional beans in place of meat. Try this crockpot version.
  • To top it all off with something sweet, brownies are always a crowd pleaser. For a different taste sensation, try a recipe with cherry preserves.

Enjoy the game and may the best team win!