The goodness of eggs

Easter is almost here.  At  this time of year eggs are plentiful and on sale in the grocery stores.  The good news is that eggs are no longer considered dietary villains.

Eggs have gotten a bad reputation because the yolks are an appreciable source of cholesterol, clocking in at approximately 180 mg per yolk.   In the past people were cautioned to limit total daily cholesterol to no more than 300 mg.

The latest version of the Dietary Guidelines, however, has done away with this limit.  After weeding through considerable research, the reviewers for the guidelines found that cholesterol from food is no longer a threat to our heart health.  A person’s genetic makeup has more influence on blood cholesterol than dietary cholesterol.

Good news for egg lovers!

One more point.  Saturated fat can raise blood cholesterol.  Thankfully, eggs are low in saturated fat.  The advice still remains to keep sources of sat fat low.  Foods high in sat fat include sausage, bacon, pizza, cheese, and full-fat dairy.

Enjoy dyeing and eating those Easter eggs!


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